Predivno. 🙂

Summer Setting

I beg to differ with anybody who says Bunratty Castle is overrated. I think it’s been underrated by several of the popular guidebooks and would prefer a day strolling through the castle and folk park here any day to trying to hang upside down so I could kiss the Blarney Stone. I mean, really…think about it…Of course, by the time we arrived, Alan could only think of one thing: „I hope they have a tea room with good food and a good view!“ Ah…we were in luck! 🙂We got to sit at the best table in the house and enjoyed steaming pots of tea with egg salad sandwiches and carrot cake. If you know Alan, you know this was a big hit! (And, he deserved lots of good food and appreciation, because he did 100% of the driving—a very difficult job with his crazy wife planning the itinerary!)

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