Love is blind and madness always follows her!

One day, long time ago, all human feelings were found in one hidden place on the Earth.  When BORENESS was yawned for the first time, FOLLYNESS was, always crazy, exclaimed: “Let’s keep one’s eyes closed and play”. INTRIGUESS was lifted one her eyebrow and CURINESS was, couldn’t resist, asked:” Play? What game is it?” 

“That’s one game”, MADNESS was trying to explain “game when I closed my eyes and counting until million while you trying to hide. When I’ll finish with counting, I’m going to seek you, and if I could not to find somebody, that person will be a winner”.

ENTHUSIASM was started to dance, follow across the EUPHORIA.

HAPPINESS was jumped as much as could, and that was persuaded the DOUBTNESS and APATHY, which had never interested anything, to enjoy a game. But didn’t all wanted to play!

THRUTH was against hiding, why should she hide? She already, at the end, will be founded.

PRIDE was thought that is a very stupid idea, though he already worried `because he isn’t one who remembers to suggest the game.

HEED didn’t want to risk …”One … two …three “MADNESS have started to count.

First was hiding the LAZINESS, which was, like always, and just threw herself behind first rock on the road.

FAITHNESS was climbed the sky, JELAOUSY was hidden in the shadows of SUCCESS, which almost climbed on the highest tip of the tree.

NOBILITY nowise decided where to hide, because every place might look perfect for one of her friends.

PRETTINES was jump into Crystal Lake.

FREEDOM in the breath.

SELFISHNESS was found perfect and lucidity hiding place.

UNTRUTH was hide in the bottom of the sea (lies, hidden on the end of the rainbow), and GREEDNESS and PASSION in the crater of the volcano.

OBLIVION was forgotten to hide, but it doesn’t matter.

When the MADNESS was counting:”9999999999”, LOVE didn’t found yet her place, because every place was engaged. Noted the rosary, she jumped, and overcastted herself with beautiful rosebuds.

“Million”, MADNESS was counting down, and started with tracking.

First she found LAZINESS, near by some rock. Presently was heard the FAITHNESS while she talked with the God, and GREEDNESS and PASSION were jumped because they scared so much. She occasionally found JELAOUSY, and of course SUCCESS and SELFISHNESS shouldn’t track, she alone run out from her hidden place which was bee hive.

Because so much walking, MADNESS was going to be insatiable and so in the crystal lake found PRETTINES.., With HEED was easiest., she couldn’t decide where to hide , so she stayed to seat behind some tree. And then the MADNESS, little by little, almost found everybody.

TALENT in the ear of corn, UNTRUTH in the end of the road (lies, hidden in the bottom of the sea), and OBLIVION was forgot what they played…. Just LOVE she couldn’t found anywhere.

MADNESS was lookup every shrub, every tip of the mountain and when she already was mad, she catch sight of rosary. She entered the rosary, and took brushwood, and of the inanition, started to drub on rosebuds.Sudennly from the rosary was heard sore scream. Thorn of roses was scraping the eyes of LOVE.

And blind her. MADNESS didn’t know what to do and how to correct that she done…

She cried and beg for forgive … And at the end she decide that forever stay with LOVE and help her.



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